Pan Fried Salmon with Orange Teriyaki


2 pieces            Salmon

1 piece              Orange

1 piece              Spring Onion

Appropriate       Black & White Sesame 

Appropriate       Black Pepper 

Appropriate       Flour 

2 Tbsp               AjiDo (Original) Teriyaki Sauce 

2 Tbsp               AjiDo (Bonito) Teriyaki Sauce 


How to Do

1.  1/2 piece of orange squeeze into juice, 1/2 piece use for marinating salmon. 

2. Marinate the salmon with orange juice, appropriate black pepper and salt. Spread the flour on it. 

3. Prepare the sauce with 1/2 portion of orange's juice, 2 tbsp of AjiDo (Original) Teriyaki Sauce, 2 tbsp of AjiDo (Bonito) Teriyaki Sauce. 

4. Fry salmon for 2 minutes, and bake for 4 minutes with sauce. 

5. Top with sesame. 

6. Ready to serve. 

Video Tutorial

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